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Japanese testaurant&Bar
I went to a Japanese Restaurant for the first time yesterday!!
There are a lot of Japanese Restaurants in Toronto, but many of those are a little mysterious...(^^;

But this restaurant was very delicious!!

All food was very nice, but my best is salmon-no-sasimi!!
It's very very delicious!!!so I'm happy(>〜<*)!!
...a little expensive...f(^◇ ^;)

After that, went to Bar.

There is for the first time, too!
It's stylish!!

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I went to a community center to do YOGA yesterday,because I heard that is free!
There are a lot of community center in Toronto, and there gives some free lesson.
There are a few free lesson but is cheap even if take other lessons.

I feel that YOGA of this center(I went to..)is very easy,so it's like a warm-up...
So if you want to more hard, you had better look for others..(^^;
But free is very attractive!!

If you are interested in a community center,you can look for it in a website of "FUN"(
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Thank you for a lot of comment to my negative thinking(^ ^;

I'm going to get trial of some schools for a few while.
I have to go to a different agency next week and I'll have introduce some schools.

I do my best from now on!!

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I bought blown rice in Chinatown.
I was interested and wanted to eat, but My father dislikes it...

The other day
When I did shopping in Chinatown, I found this and have bought it!

I cooked rice at once!!
After all It's delicious(>〜<*)!!

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Easter is very famous event in Canada.
On a day of Easter, Many of people go to charch and watch a parade and spend it with a family and...

I went to watch a parade!
There were a lot of people there, and bustled very much!
I was very enjoyed a fastival, but It was very very cold...( ̄□ ̄;)
because, I was there so for a long time.

I wanted to try to go to a charch..(〃´ ∇`)

「Happy Easter〜!!」

I took a lot of photographs, please look!!

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EASTER is a christian's event, and today is GOOD FRIDAY!
Many of shops were closing because it's a holiday.

I wanted to do shopping in $1shop,but there was closed,too...
So I went to Chinatown!(because I thought that there were few Christian Chinese...)

As expected!!

There were a lot of people in Chaina Town and shops were open!!
A shop in Chinatown is very interesting!
There are a lot of cheap goods there,so...I may have overbought a little... f(^◇^;)

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It was very cold today!!
Weather of Toronto is very mysterious!!
It changes in several minutes!it is fine,is clouded,is rainy and is snowy...

It was really cold today!!
Will it be cold tomorrow...( ̄^ ̄;)??
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English is...
English is difficult!

In a house,I watch TV as much as possible to be used to English.

But...( ̄^ ̄;)
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It is rainy today.

But!there are a lot of must do it!!

………I will go out( ̄^ ̄;)


It's gradually fine!!

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His name is Casper.
He is friendly and very very cute!

It's the first time that I live with a cat!
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