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Tronto Islands

It was very fine that day.
I went to the Toronto Islands first time., so I took a ferry with beat.I was so excited to take a ferry,that my heart was racing.
We took a walk(walked) around the Island,had a lunch,rode on a swing,and studied English.
I excited very much because it was really fine and I rode on a swing after a long separation!(I was really excited because I haven't ridden a swing in a long time.)or(〜because It's been a long time since I've ridden a swing.)
The a view of a town the city is very beautiful.
I thought surely will surely be a night view wonderful(awesome),too!
I felt it early that time passed (time flew by) and I wanted to be stay
more there longer.
I will come again in summer!(or→I will definately come again in summer)

English is very difficult...( ̄^ ̄;)
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Do you know 『TAKE 6』??

I go to ESL of Music school,but I don't study music...(^^;
Anyway,the principal of my school,Mt. Ashelly showed live video of TAKE6 last time.
I listened to for the first time but was impressed very much!
That's feeled so fantastic!!
So I went to a CD shop for Their CDs but I couldn't find I'm gonna go to HMV some other time!!

All music that I listened to was very awesome,especially Christmas song(´∇ `*)

Please try to listen if you are interested!!
I recommend it!!

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Free Jazz concert

I wemt a free Jazz concert becouse I was asked by the friend who went to watch a baseball game together last time.
There are some free concerts in Toronto, dance, art, song...etc.
Those most seems to be held by the students who are still studying.
They are not experts yet but the Jazz concert that I watched was wonderful!!
I'll go to watch the others if I have an opportunity.
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Little India

Cainatown,Little Italy, Korean Town, Greektown, Ukrainian Villege, Portuguese Villege, Chabbagetown, Jewish Neighbourhood, Polishtown, and Little India...

A lot of ethnic town in Torono, no, There are too many them!!
I can't yet go to all of them, but at last,I went to Little India just the other day!
I often go to Downtown by walk.
Always I take the same way,but I wanted to try to go to a different way!
I looked for it with a map,and I found that there is Little India nere the area where there is my house.
So at once!I went to Little India on my way to Downtown.

Little india is ... a little dark atmosphere...(^^;
But there are many shops of cloth(very colorful!!) and curry shops(most shops are buffets).
I like curry, so I'm going to go to curry shop next time!!

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I went to Beaches last week because fine days continued recently.
Beaches is nere my house.
...but I walked for about 1hour(^^;

It was very fine on that day!
There were a lot of people there and did cycling and took a walk and played tennis...etc.
Everybody looked happy because at last on first Saturday that became warm!
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I bought some DVDs.
『Shall we dance?』
『Dead Man Walking』
『Ever After』
These are at $20 in all!
And today, I bought 『FRIENDS』(American TVdorama).
I heard it's suitable to study because story is daily life so intelligible and will be able to listen to a lot of everyday conversation.

I'm going to watch it again and again !!

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Free ELS program in church
I went to a church today.
Because, I heard that there is a Free ESL Program every Tuesday in this church.

I don't go to school yet,so I'm grateful that such information!
There ware only a few people there when I went to.
I got some explanation simply, and then I was guided in a table.
There was a teacher of a woman, but there was nobody else.
A lesson of a one-to-one began.
I easily introduced myself, then I took a handout(today's text).


Though it's difficult just to talk in English for me, content of a text is too difficult!!
ESL Program of church... be sure.....but......uhhhhhn( ̄^ ̄;)

Because It's Free Lesson!!
I'll try to go this Lesson how many times it is(^◇ ^;)

You are enviable...

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I went to a library today.
There is a good place!

I have not gone to a library very much in Japan, but today, I went to and studied...I think that there is best place to study,because It's quiet and be able to concentrate it .
In my,so for me...(^ ^;
At first, I thought I'll go to coffee shop when I want to stady, but I'll go to a library from now on!!

To change the topic, Today, I get a cellphone at last!!
I thought that it was not necessary but if there is not it, after all be inconvenient...

I want a bicycle, too.
I can find a cheap it...
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It become warm!
Today, it was very very fine,so I had lunch(I made a Hotdog)outside after a trial.(But it seems to continue a litlle cold days again from the middle of next week...( ̄^ ̄;))

I get a lot of trial but I want to decide one school,because I think that I can concentrate on a study than get a trial.
I worry because I have some schools which I want to go,
Most schools can enter it on evry monday,but the school which I want to go most is the day when monday of the begining of a month enters it...
So I will get some trials next week(^ ^;)

But! from the week after next!!

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『Sister Act』...I want to really watch it(>◇<;)!
When I watch it, I'm very excited and throb and get well!!
But...Maybe, I can't watch untill I'll be buck to Japan...

I want to watch some canadian movies,too!
I found a movie theater where can watch very cheaply, so I think that I'll go to there this time...but...English is...f(^― ^;)

This theater is 『Rainbow Cinemas』.

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